harajukuyami-deactivated2012070 asked, "GRIMSLEY OFF HIATUS THANKS"

Yaaaay!  I mean… er… noted!

gehenasmirror asked, "。◕‿◕。
Get me a new pokegear."

welcome back!

scarjoling-deactivated20130713 asked, "I think I'm going to drop Bianca. I'm not as active on her as I would like, and even though I was only with you guys for a bit, I had fun. Thanks!"

K.  Dropped for you.

gothingtons asked, "Pfft, hey. It's Leaf. I SORTA FORGOT THE EMAIL???
Put her on hiatus please? I've got college things to do any way. Yay."

Added a note for you. 

harajukuyami-deactivated2012070 asked, "hiatus for grimsley, janine & phoebe."

Added notes for you. 

ill-bug-you-deactivated20120127 asked, "Hey, i'm gonna be dropping Aaron.. I'm still keeping Chili it's just I haven't been using Aaron alot and yeah.."

Okie.  Dropped him for you.  

-evolving asked, "I'm so horrible for sending this in at the last minute, but here's Blue! (゚Д゚|||)"

Welcome aboard!

This inbox is now clear.

redheadedexchanger-deactivated2 asked, "This is the same person sorry xD I got excited and made it before you accepted the reserve. So Silver is here?"

I kind of thought so!  Lol I should have asked if that was you.  Anyway, you’re all set!

redheadedexchanger-deactivated2 asked, "May I join as Manga!Silver?"

I’m sorry.  Someone beat you to it, but if they don’t follow through on the reserve by next Sunday, you can try again.   

melodychanges asked, "This would be Game!Red's account, just telling you I'm ready to roleplay, thanks."

All set!

Legendary Quest

You live in a world where the criminal organizations have set aside their differences and found a way to capture all 45 Legendary Pokemon. Of course, you're scared out of your mind, but is there anything you could possibly do?


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